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Dancing Characters

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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Conflict
  • West Side of Two Mills
  • East Side of Two Mills
  • Jeffery's parents die in a train accident when he is 3. He has to live with his aunt and uncle who are unhappy and ignore him. He runs away and meets Amanda Beale, Mars Bars Thompson John McNab and others in the town of Two Mills.
  • Climax
  • Jeffery performs amazing feats like breaking the streak of the best pitcher in town, John McNab. He saves a boy in the backyard of the Finsterwald house. He earns the nickname Maniac Magee . He also goes back and forth between the East and West ends of Two Mills.
  • Falling Action
  • Mars Bars didn't Like Maniac Magee because he was good at everything and thought he didn't belong on the East side. John McNab didn't like him because he ruined his streak. He causes trouble in a football game. Maniac Magee also didn't realize the town was divided by skin color. When finds out he feels he has to leave the Beale's because of his color.
  • Resolution
  • Magee gets fed up , he undoes the Cobbles Knot but still is chased away from the West by John The Cobras. He gets chased away from the East. He lives at the Zoo but his friend Grayson dies. He lives alone until he helps the young McNabs. He invites Mars Bars to the McNab's Birthday breaking the skin color line causing big trouble.
  • He knows people can be good regardless of skin color from dinner with Pickwells and Beales. He is sad and feels there is nothing he can do. The younger McNabs get stuck on a train trestle, Magee can't save them because of how his parents died. But Mars followed him, Mars saves Russell McNab.
  • Mars Bars (now Snickers) becomes friends with Magee. There is hope that people can be good and live together no matter skin color. Magee lives at the zoo again with the baby buffalo. Amanda Mars make him come back HOME to the East Side to live with the Beales.
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