Math assignment

Updated: 3/10/2021
Math assignment

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  • Dreamed to be a...
  • HMMM, How do I pinpoint the height of that tall building?
  • Slowly and steadily
  • I believe I am looking at it from a 43 degree angle. Need to use Tan... The Answer is, 33.6. It is 33.6 ft tall.
  • 43
  • 36 FT
  • M
  • Motivation
  • The distance between my head and the top of the lamp is approximately 22 metres and the distance is 10 metres.
  • The Answer is 62.9!
  • Junior is a high school student, his strong subjects are English, IT and PDH. Math is not his strong point but he wants to build a house in the future. He takes a walk outside to practice his mathematics skills. He then sees a tall building.
  • Junior remembers the formula the teacher told him to use. He needed to use trigonometry. He slowly attempts to solve the problem. Junior figures out that building is 33.6 ft tall.
  • Junior has solved the last problem. The one big thing Junior lacks is confidence in himself, he thinks the questions are too hard even though they are not. He now attempts to figure out the distance between the lamp post and him.