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Updated: 3/6/2020
boomer times

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  • the setting
  • who were the puritans
  • crush to death
  • Massachusetts bay,1630
  • witches cake
  • the puritans were strict people that believed that if you were not religious, they did not want you near them because they would assume you were the devil and did not believe in god
  • death
  • they would put rocks on top of people if they were witches until they died from pressure or their body burst
  • what can we learn from the witch trials
  • they would feed a dog a cake made from pee and flour and if the dog pointed to a person they were the witch
  • they would hang people that were considered, witches
  • that people assumed that you were a witch even without a way of proving that they were witches or not, to make a guess they did trials that did not workjust like we assume things
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