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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Oh King Oedipus, we ask kindly of you to help us. This plague is too much!
  • Creon, my brother, has been sent to the oracle. He will report back shortly
  • No, the people will hear of this as well.
  • Creon what news do you bring from the oracle?
  • Very well. Apollo spoke through the oracle and says that the murderer is here in Thebes.
  • Maybe we must not speak of it here.
  • There will be reward for the person who finds the murderer. The culprit will be exiled.
  • .......
  • The people of Thebes are in desperate need of the king's help to end the plague that has torn apart the city. Oedipus awaits Creon's return for an answer to end the plague.
  • Please Tieresias, tell the people of Thebes what you know.
  • Creon returns with news. He wishes to speak to Oedipus in private but Oedipus insists that the people will hear of the story as well. The Greek god Apollo, says that the killer resides in Thebes and to rid the killer will also rid the plague.
  • You refuse to tell me!You might as well be the murderer blind man!
  • Oedipus vows to find and exile the murderer. A reward is offered to the person who finds the suspect. However, no one answers and Oedipus curses the murderer, ironically cursing himself.
  • This was your idea Creon. Suggesting the prophet to say that I'm the murderer and overthrow me.
  • Please be rational. I don't understand.
  • Oedipus calls upon the blind prophet, Tieresias. However, when asked, Tierisias hesitates to tell Oedipus since he knows that Oedipus won't accept the answer.
  • I mustn't tell you Oedipus, you will be reluctant to accept the answer.
  • Oedipus is enraged. He starts throwing out insults at Tierisias. Tierisias finally tells him that he is the murderer.
  • Very well. You are more blind than me. You are the murderer you seek.
  • Oedipus blames Creon for trying to overthrow him saying that he wanted the prophet to blame the murder on him.
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