Part A
Updated: 4/1/2021
Part A

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  • 2Oh baby... Sorry, I'm afraid you can't. Our family's income is very difficult to support your tuition. We don't need to compare with others, honey..
  • 4Come on, Let's go home. I'll be late for my next part-time job, please.
  • 1Mom, you haven't bought me a new dress for a long time. Can I have the same dress as the other girls?
  • 3But...
  • Why is she playing with her phone all the time... She doesn't care about my feelings...
  • Apply for a post
  • Part-time registration
  • If I get another job, I should be able to buy her a new dress.....
  • A: Mom, I think you don't love me
  • 3It breaks my heart for you to say that! Why am I so busy? It's because I want to make money! I have tried my best to meet your needs and give you the best education. I'm already very tired! Is this still my fault?
  • 1How dare you say that! You are my child! How could I not love you! Is it because of a damn dress?!
  • 4If I make you so tired! So redundant! Why did you give birth to me?! Your life is easier without me!
  • 2You don't care how I feel. You only care about your work, look at your phone, you have no time to accompany meYou are so busy every day, but we are still so poor!
  • Why there is no one, even my children, can't understand my tiredness. Am I really an incompetent mother? Who can help me? What am I supposed to do...
  • Mom...I just want you to spend more time with me and pay more attention to me