Unknown Story
Updated: 5/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Shh...quite,quite,everyone...
  • BOOM
  • The shabiha in ouside
  • Hey Bakr. Where are your documents
  • Relax, my son. They are here. Oh my God, how stupid you are! Don't do that again.
  • Bakral and his father are finding their documents.
  • Aiwa, father, I'm sorry.
  • Father?
  • Sure! A find day for a move! pull your van up. We'll help.
  • Bakral's family is moving
  • That is kind. Thank you.
  • HAHAHA...
  • look guys, we can make a kite.
  • Kites, Ali? What are we, five? Dude.
  • Ali wants to make a kite.
  • Sit. Down. Little boy!
  • Something happened in outside.
  • I'm sorry, sir. I know you're trying to help us but I can't...I have to go to my family.