Unknown Story
Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Throughout my life I’ve heard many stories about sleepparalysis I’ve always thought people were just exsacterating however one nightwhile l was sleeping I experience my worst nightmare
  • It’s started off as me feeling stuck. Moreover I was alsohearing loud noises I opened eyes but however I couldn’t move any part my bodyit felt like something was holding me back. The noise kept getting longer andlonger and longer and felt like it was approaching me.
  • My bedroom door was slighlight opened all the sudden I seena shadow circling my bed I was terrified. I tried screaming but no one could hear me felt likel was just sinking in and there was no way out. I was helpless. | close my eyes shut as tight asi could and just hope that it would go away.
  • who oo ,wh oo vvvv
  • After what felt like hours the shadow was gone and my room was back to the way it was very quiet and dark the only light was the only coming from my window. Couple minutes passed and I was just laying down staring at the ceiling trying to fall back asleep. As my eyes started to shut I was hearing someone tapping witch what sounded like my window
  • Tap tap, tap
  • I tried ignoring the tapping and just told myself it was all in my head and I was just hearing things then the sound started scratching. The scratching was starting to give me a headache. I tried forcing myself to sleep and I kept telling myself I will be fine and that nothing is going to happen.
  • Tap, Tap skritchhh
  • As I was telling myself that I will be okay and nothing will happen I heard footsteps approaching my room. I could hear the steps getting closer and closer and I could feel my heart starting to raise very quickly and before I realized someone was at my door pushing it to get in. Then I was able to feel my whole body and I was able to move and speak. As I wanted to call for help the person was already in my room and it was my mother before I had realized it was morning. I was so relieved to see him. I jumped off my bed and hugged him..
  • Dad creak good morning
  • creakk