Bill of Rights
Updated: 11/7/2018
Bill of Rights
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  • You children should not be in here!
  • EXCUSE US! Our mom told us we could. Weirdo
  • We have the right to vote!
  • We also have the right to assemble peacefully!
  • Does that mean we can create our own laws?!
  • M.I.
  • Yes it does!
  • Texas
  • Hey, did you know that the laws not listed in the Constitution belongs to the states?
  • Virginia
  • (1st amendment) Freedom of Speech. (Anyone big or small is aloud to speak to another person the way they feel they should answer.)
  • Ma'am i'm coming to check for anything suspicious.
  • Unless you have a warrant, you are not stepping into my house.
  • (1st amendment) Freedom of Assembly (Anyone in the world is aloud to assemble because it is a human right. People assembling could mean that they are getting ready to vote for something, or they can assemble to protest.)
  • Darling, it's only for our safety, I promise.
  • Honey, I told you that I don't like weapons. Why do you have it in here?
  • (10th amendment) The States Rights ( The states has the right to make any laws that are reasonable that are not listed on the Constitution.)
  • Your honor, that is illegal and very unusual.
  • I order you two to bathe in tomato soup and watch 100 hours of The Big Bang Theory!
  • (4th amendment) Freedom from unreasonable search as seizure. (Police officers are not aloud to search anything in your building/house unless they have a warrant.)
  • (2nd amendment) The right to bear arms. ( Anyone who has a permit to have a weapon is aloud to have one for safety or hunting)
  • (8th amendment) No cruel or unusual punishment.( People have the right to disagree with any cruel or unreasonable punishment made be the judge.)
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