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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • July 356 BCE
  • I think we should call him alexander
  • sounds grate
  • 336 BCE
  • wow I'm king .I'm only 20 years old
  • 334 BCE
  • we won
  • Born at Pella, Macedonia, to King Philip II and Olympias
  • 331 BCE
  • wow we won yay
  • run !
  • Alexander becomes ruler of Macedonia
  • June 11, 323 BCE
  • he was a grate king
  • one question what do we do with the land we concored
  • Wins Battle of the Granicus River against Darius III of Persia
  • 322 BCE - 275 BCE
  • no the land mine
  • no its mine
  • no your wrong its mine
  • Wins Battle of Gaugamela against Darius III
  • Dies at Babylon in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II
  • ya he was
  • I don't know but its mine
  • no your all wrong I was his best general
  • The Wars of the Diadochi, also known as the Wars of Alexander's Successors.
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