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Updated: 10/4/2018
Unknown Story
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  • One night a drunk Colonist exited the tavern, and then started exchanging insults with a lone guard doing his shift protecting the customs house.
  • The Drunk Man proceeded to poke the soldier in the chest until the soldier struck the man with the butt of his rifle. The man screamed for help and people started to crowd around the lone soldier.
  • Someone random from the crowd struck a soldier twice with a club. This cause the soldiers to fire upon the crowd killing 5 and injuring 6.
  • After this event the Sons of Liberty used it as propaganda, to encourage more and more people to join and increase there size to rebel against the British. Part of what calmed the colonists down was when the governor promised to put the soldiers on trial who had killed colonists.
  • Join the Sons of Liberty and hep us fight back after the Boston Massacre! -Samuel Adams
  • The motivations and the reasons this event happened are Political, Economic, and Social. The Political motivation was the British army coming to Boston, this caused the event because Boston was the most rebellious state and the British were being harassed insulted etc. the social motivation was the riot that happened because of the British coming to Boston soldiers and citizens would clash and it would often be violent. They put the British in Boston to stop them from being so rebellious.
  • Were the colonists justified? I think their actions were justified because they were fed up with the amount of rules they were being placed under and how much the British were tying to control them. This caused them to become more rebellious and disliking of the soldiers.. That's why they protested against the soldiers being in Boston. The British should have just stayed out of it and kept their distance but they came to Boston and started problems.
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