1812 part 2
Updated: 12/6/2020
1812 part 2

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  • General Isaac Brock was a brilliant strategist of the British army. Tecumseh was a Shawnee chief allied with the British.
  • Even though they were very different they both gave each other a token of respect.
  • General William Hull was in charge of the fort Detroit and also terrified of the first nations. General brock knew this and sent Tecumseh men to frighten him. Hull surrendered almost immediately.
  • The death of general brock shook the British. He was well recognized by both sides. Only about a year later Tecumseh dies at the battle of Moravian town. He led the British into battle but was lost.
  • On August 1814 the Canadians burn down Washington b.c in retaliation against the Americans
  • The treaty of Ghent finished the war Because both sides agreed to it the war ended in a deadlock. There were no true winners. The only true loser's were the first nations because North America became a white mans society
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