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  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Scene 3
  • The principal of Pugad Lawin High School received a letter announcing the visitation of the superintendent and the district and division supervisors for "purposes of inspection and evaluation".
  • Scene 4
  • They prepared everything, from the classrooms, to the food, to the lodgings of the supervisors and even their lesson plans. they made it so that they can impress and get the favor of the superintendent and supervisors who will be inspecting the place.
  • Scene 5
  • The day of the inspection arrived. Ms. Noel found out that the old English supervisor, Mr. Ampil had died and that he was replaced by a new supervisor, Mr. Sawit. Ms. Noel became aware of the unpleasant attitude of Mr. Sawit after he mentioned some unflattering things about the late Mr. Ampil. Ms. Noel's capability and passion for her job are also shown in this part. After the inspection, they were given a luxurious dinner, wherein Ms. Noel was invited to dance, to which she reluctantly agress to.
  • Scene 6
  • The other supervisors decided to move on to another feast. Ms. Noel was approached by Mr. Sawit and asked her personal opinion about the inspection. She then stated her disagreement about the inspection. She also mentioned the misbehavior she observed among the supervisors who are considered "superiors." Mr. Sawit realized Miss Noel's dedication, passion, and honesty at her work, but he thinks that she perceives things this way because she's still young. He then offers her a job in Manila if and only if she will adapt her co-teachers' wrong behaviors.
  • Ms. Noel was put into deep thought about the offer. Nevertheless, she feels like it isn't right to accept favors just to rise on top. She believes that we can get everything in patience and hard work. Even with such thoughts, she's still contemplating on what she believes when her student, Leon, who wants to be a lawyer approached her. Only then did she regain her confidence
  • The story ended where all the teachers and staff together with the Superintendent and supervisors taking a souvenir photo, all of the teachers where at their proper position, even though Ms. Noel was late, she ran to take her place in the lowest rung of the hierarchy with pride and humility.
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