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Updated: 2/22/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Estrella from "All the Stars Denied" has a similarity to Katniss From "The Hunger Games". To be clear, they both take care of their sibling. Estrella takes care of her brother when trouble and misfortune hits home. Katniss starts taking care of her sister when their father dies and her mother gets mentally sick. In the book "All the Stars Denied", a man tells Estrella to hit her brother when he was acting bad, Estrella didn't appreciate his comment and was mad at the man for suggesting so. In "The Hunger Games" Katniss volunteers as tribute so her sister wouldn't have to suffer. The fact they protect their younger sibling from others who could harm them shows they care for their sibling's well-being. In conclusion, they both prove to be good sisters by taking care of their younger sibling.
  • The relationship of Estrella and her mother have the same tone of the relationship that Katniss and her sister Prim do. In other words, their relationship has the same type of love,strong and caring. This is proven when Estrella beats a woman who was going to hurt her mom. Estrella's mom did her best to not let Estrella work when they had no money. The fact they both try to protect each other from suffering shows devotion to each other. Katniss volunteers in her sister's place so she wouldn't be caused pain. Prim tries comforting her sister and giving her advice on how to survive while trying to be calm.The fact they try their best to not show their sibling they are suffering show they care for each other. In conclusion, both Katniss and her sister, and Estrella's mom and Estrella take care of one another and love each other,unconditionally.
  • The conflict that revolves around"All the Stars Denied" is very different from the conflict that is presented in "The Hunger Games." To be clear, they go through a extremely different problem. In the book "All the Star Denied", Estrella and her mom struggle to find Estrella's father.The fact they are looking for him indicates he is alive and need his support, it also shows he is only lost to them temporarily. In " The Hunger Games", however, Katniss and her family struggle with getting food and money. Katniss and her mother alike work as hard as they can.The fact that only Katniss and her mother work shows that her father is no longer with them and that they must continue to work hard because of his permanent absence. In conclusion,both families cope with a loss of the male of their household but, only one household loses him permanently.
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