The posibility of evil

The posibility  of evil

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  • Good morning, Miss Strangeworth!
  • Hey, Miss Strangeworth!
  • Good Morning!
  • Hello, Miss Strangeworth!
  • Everyone is so ugly and stupid! I should tell them that!
  • The Possibility of Evil, written by Shirley Jackson, tell us the story about an old lady who has lived her whole life in an American town and is loved by everyone but has a big secret.
  • But why won't your father let me come around anymore?
  • Miss Adela Strangeworth is an old lady and everyone sees her as the sweetest person there could be. She says her family was the founder of the town so in a way she feels like the town is hers. She is really proud of her family history and of the roses she has in her garden.
  • Miss Adela Strangeworth's biggest secret was that she loved to criticized everyone. She always wanted to know what they were doing and once she was home she would write hate letters in color papers and then send them anonymously.
  • After writing some letters she went to the post office and while she was putting the letters in the slot she didn't notice that one of the letters fell into the ground because she got distracted listening to the conversation Harris and Linda were having.
  • Harris noticed that a letter fell so he decides to give it to the person it was dedicated to, Don Crane.Once he gave the letter to Don Crane, he assured that Miss Strangeworth wrote it. That made Don Crane realized that Miss Strangeworth was the person who wrote all the mean letters to everyone before.
  • She doesn't hear you. 
  • Miss Strangeworth your letter!
  • The next morning Miss Starngeworth received an enveloped just like one of hers. In there it said: LOOK OUT AT WHAT USED TO BE YOUR ROSES. People realized who wrote the letters and hurt her with what she loved the most: her roses.
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