Part 4

Updated: 3/4/2021
Part 4

Storyboard Text

  • yes!
  • Tina ma’am- Next is ‘’M’’ which stands for meeting. Don’tmeet up with unknown people on online platforms. Meetwith only those who you know and you can trust.
  • Raaga- This is a tip which will really help me!
  • Tina ma’am- Then we have ‘’A’’ which stands foraccepting files. Don’t accept emails, files, pictures of textfrom people who you don’t know as it could causeproblems.
  • Sharanyaa- This was where I went wrong, I accepted anunauthorized email.
  • Tina Ma’am- Now we have ‘’R’’ which stands for reliable.Always ask yourself the question if the website orinformation online is reliable. Only use trusted sources orsites.
  • Sharanyaa- This solved my issue! Now I know that thearticle I read from an unauthorized site was unreliable. Ishould not use untrusted sources from now on.
  • Nithya- Thank you Tina ma’am for giving us this goldentip, I shall not have any more difficulties in rememberingthe rules.
  • Tina Ma’am- So now finally, we have ‘’T’’ which stands for tell. This is the most important one, always tell anadult if you are facing any issues online. It is wise to report and tell your difficulties or concerns to an adult. Iam glad that you all reported and told me about your concerns!
  • Sharanyaa- You have solved my problem Tina ma’am,now I have learnt a lesson to follow the S.M.A.R.T rule inorder to be safe.
  • Tina Ma’am- Your welcome. Now that you all know therules, I am sure that you will be SMART on the internetwith the SMART rule!
  • Raaga- This is a very helpful tip, thank you ma’am.
  • AMIGAS- Yes! We have learnt an important lesson! It’s time to be SMART!