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Updated: 11/28/2020
Unknown Story

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  • When Jefferson was reelected, the Federalist only had power in the Supreme Court and his cousin, John Marshalls was one of them
  • I have been in power for 34 years! And I have helped the Central Government!
  • The Supreme Court has more power than the Constitution!
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  • Marbury will not get his commission!
  • yo you good?
  • The first time Jefferson and Marshall clashed was in the case of Marbury v. Madison. This case also lead to the Judicial Review
  • You are wrong, be careful with your decision
  • He is mentally unstable! Impeach him
  • During this time Jefferson's VP was planning on dividing the Union behind his back and he was the reason why Alexander Hamilton died
  • Jefferson has won. 162 electoral votes!
  • Meanwhile in Mexico, Aaron Burr is trying to conquer Mexico from Spain and unite it with Louisiana under his control
  • This land shall be mine!
  • President Jefferson learned of this conspiracy and arrested Burr for treason
  • President Jefferson also had to deal with pirates because President Washington and Adams paid the Barbary Govs and their leader wanted more from President Jefferson but he refused to pay so he sent the navy and they fought for 4 years and there was no victor
  • We cannot take accept this offer from France we have to follow President Washington's recommendations of staying neutral
  • In 1807 near Virginia, A British Navy fired at a US ship and it killed 3 Americans. The 4 were taken captive and were forced to serve under the British Navy. Americans demanded war but President Jefferson was able to fix the problem with the British without having to go to war
  • It was really hard to stay neutral because of the Napoleon Wars going on in Europe and it was starting to affect the U.S. economically as well
  • You are being taken as a prisoner and going to serve for the British Navy from now on
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