Updated: 5/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Interesting... I never had that experience. I always get to have quality family time!
  • Calling MOM
  • YEEEEH. I am so so busy that I daydream about work in MY CRANKY SLEEP! LIFE HAS NO PURPOSE FOR MEI bet you NEVER worked as hard as I did!!!
  • Oh NO! I have to type 10,000 lines of code and I HAVE NOT STARTED a line! Today, I have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach on useless activities and I WILL regain hope like the Avengers and SAVE THE DAY!
  • I wish you my best wishes, but next time, please don't repeat this a million times or I'll throw your laptop away and RUN out of here. The old' saying goes, "if you don't run the day, the day runs you"
  • Nani? 📚?, Ah, I can EASILY DO It later, just watch me write 3,000 pages in 1 hour. Now, I just need a VERY SMALL break, so I can watch the Avengers, so I can be a programmer hero and save the day!
  • I beg you my past self, PLEASE get away from it, you are being a STUPID couch potato. Now, get up, AND WORK on the 10,000 line code project being PRESENTED TOMORROW