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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/24/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The French and Indian war
  • Taxation without representation/stamp act
  • This stamp is too expensive i'm not paying for it!!!!
  • The townshed duties
  • Did you know there is tax on certain things now?
  • I didn't. Why they always taxing us?
  • England went to war with french and won. Therefor England got a lot of land and had to make a big decision to either increase border control and raise colonists taxes or prohibit colonists from settling on the west. The effect this made on the colonies were bad the colonies were furious at England for prohibiting them on the land they fought for.
  • Tea act
  • You guys can only buy tea from us
  • Parliament thought America should pay for taxes so they made a stamp act which is for every official document it has t0 have an expensive government stamp. The effect this had on the Colonists was that they thought this was taxation without representation. Colonists boycotted British goods kidnapped tax collectors and put tar and feathers on them
  • Boston tea party
  • The townshed duties placed taxes on paper, paint, glass lead, and tea. The effect was that Colonists got taxed without any say. They didn't want to put anyone in Parliament because they had too little people and it was to far away
  • Outbreak of the revolution
  • The tea act declared that colonists could only buy tea from England but for half of the price. The effect this had on the colonies was that they were mad because England was still trying to control them.
  • The Boston tea party was a group of men dressed in native American clothes went on the ship with all the tea and dumped it in the Boston Harbor. This lead to the British getting mad and on there last straw with the colonies. "And royal officials would no longer stand trial for crimes in the colonies but would be tried in Britain."
  • The outbreak of revolution is a fight against England and America. This fight effected the colonies because they started to realize they needed to get independence.
  • Charge!!!!!
  • Charge!!!!!!
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