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Updated: 1/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Early Life
  • I fled boston when I was 17 in 1723 because of my brother's abuse.
  • "Taxing the colonists is unfair!"
  • Role in creating the CONSTITUTION
  • We need give services for the public incase of emergencies.
  • Franklin learned a great amount about newspapers and poltics when he was 12. Franklin adopted a fake name so he can publish writing.
  • How will the Declaration look?
  • Franklin worked as a representative of the Pennsylvania, he settled tax dispute and other issues envloving William Penn. Before the war, Franklin tried to tell the British that the taxing was unfair for the colonists and he protested against that (The stamp act).
  • Facts about his Life
  • He made the act of the public services. He was picked to be in the convention meeting so he can help decide which options are the best for America.
  • He was part of a committe that helped draft the Declaration of independence. He was also serving in the Second Continental Congress( A secret meeting before the Revolutionary war, probably disgusting about the armed forces).
  • -He was among the last of the Founding Fathers to come in favor of separation from Britian.-He spent his later years as an abolitionist-Franklin designed a musical instrument used by Mozart and Beethoven
  • I'm out Britian
  • Franklin basically said that it was bad dumping all the tea into the ocean and it was a crime. He didn't want the crime and he thought the people were making crimes instead of having a good government. He also supported for King George the third and many of his fellow patriots thought he could be a british spy.
  • This is a crime
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