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Updated: 7/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Bengal Tigers are the least number of Tiger species in India.They eat hoofed animals such as Deer and wild Pigs.They alsoeat big animals like babyElephants,Antelopes,Zebras
  • Hi! I am Drac.I am going to tell you a story aboutme and my family.
  • I am Sheela the tigeress. We are all Royal Bengal Tigers and those are our cubs.
  • Okay Sheela, I am snoozing. Don't Disturb!
  • "It was a happy day for the Tigers in their natural habitat - the jungle"
  • Yay!! Look at these two play
  • The South China Tiger and the Royal Bengal Tigers are almost extinct inthe wild. They get hunted andkilled for medicines, claw necklaces, carpets, fur etc.
  • We need new necklaces!
  • I want a new carpet!
  • We need medicines!
  • Help!! Sheela RUN!! Our cubs are dead!
  • "The humans started hunting the Tigers."
  • I am the hunterlook at you run🤣
  • Humans also cut down trees and jungles and destroyed their natural habitat to build their own homes. It started getting hotter and the sea level started rising so global warming started happening. There were forest fires and floods so the Tigers either got burnt or washed away.Thats also why Tigers disappeared.
  • Its not fair! there is no forest now!🤬
  • Help the Tigers
  • Save Drac and Sheela
  • Hey! Some humans do like us and are helping us!😃
  • India is in the Guiness Book of Records for the world's largest camera-trap wild life survey for Tigers. They do this to help the Tigers.
  • There are ways for Tigers to stay alive!Here's what you can do.1.Stop Tiger trade2.Protect Tigers by raising awareness and Join Save Tiger Campaigns3.Stop buying from shops that sell Tiger parts and products.
  • I agree Drac. I am happy now
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