Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The lost ladys
  • Help!!!
  • Were are we at?
  • Still lost
  • I dont know
  • OH lord were are we
  • The water fall
  • help anyone!!!!
  • This lady is lost her name is Bethany and she can't find where to go. Her friend's name Bellah is like were, are we?
  • found a cabin
  • were lost but can we stay here one night
  • ok
  • Bethany is still lost but she appeared in this place she is confused. Her friend appeared to.
  • staying the night
  • She is still lost but she is closed to a waterfall with her friend so they decided to drink water.
  • prometheus
  • were lost and we apperd her can we live with you.
  • hey what are you guys doing here
  • They found a boy they were lost and they said oh can we stay here one night
  • So we stayed one night it was ok but we keep hearing noises.
  • then we appeared in this house but there was a boy name Prometheus we said can we live with you he said yes.