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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I demand this place to be desegregated.
  • Get out of my seat now, get to the back.
  • No!
  • Get her out of hear now.
  • Double V. Campaign- Phillip Randolph demanded Roosevelt to desegregate the government industries. This was important because it provoked equal rights.
  • Whats this?
  • Montgomery Bus- Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man. This was important because it powered the movement for equal rights.
  • Lets go Martin!
  • Little Rock School- Little black kids were terrorized while entering their new school by white families. This was important because it symbolized racism.
  • Luis for president!
  • Freedom Riders- James Farmer and 13 other riders rode interstate buses into segregated cities. This was important because it showed that the blacks were not afraid.
  • Selma March- Martin Luther King led thousands of nonviolent demonstrators to Alabama where they were met by police with night sticks. This was important because it showed how violent police were to innocent blacks.
  • Million Man March- Luis Farrakhan led a political demonstration in Washington. This was important because in promoted american unity and family values.