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Graphic representation: Chapter 1
Updated: 9/24/2020
Graphic representation: Chapter 1
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  • After watching a movie, greaser boy Ponyboy Curtis stepped out to the bright sunlight to walk home all by himself. A loner is what many would call him, but he enjoys being alone.
  • Damn, I wish I looked like Paul Newman.
  • After the Socs severly cut his face, Pony's brothers came to the rescue while the rest of the gang was chasing them and throwing hard rocks at their car.
  • Is that a red Corvair? I better start walking faster before I end up like Johnny...
  • Greaser in sight!
  • He has it clear that greasers like him can't walk alone for too long, or else they'll get jumped by the socs, the west side rich kids who have nothing to worry about thanks to their money.
  • Within a matter of seconds, 5 Socs got out of the car. "As if walking faster could've helped...", Pony thought. They held a blade against his neck and put a handkerchief on his mouth.
  • After a hard day for everyone, the two brothers who love each other the most finally laid down to go to sleep, but before closing their eyes, Soda told Ponyboy something important.
  • Shut him up, for Pete's Sake, shut him up!
  • You're both nuts.
  • Easy, Ponyboy. They aren't going to hurt you no more.
  • I was coming home from the movies. I didn't think this could happen.
  • When the rest of the gang came along, Pony was trying to act as if he was ok. He now found out that Dally, the most problematic greaser got of jail early for good behavior. Besides that, Pony, Johnny, Dally and possibly Two-bit will go to a drive-in movie the next day.
  • You don't ever think.
  • Leave my kid brother alone, you hear?
  • Listen, kiddo, when Darry hollers at you... he doesn't mean bad. He's just got more worries than somebody his age ought to. Don't take him seriously... you dig, Pony?
  • Sure.
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