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Unknown Story
Updated: 12/14/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Let us settle this like men and declare war with the peasants and those no good English men!
  • NO! We shall embargo and be the bigger man!
  • This is an outrage do they not think of the people!? Without notification we are are loosing money by the second!
  • MIster! Mister! Did you also hear of Americans embargoing. This is a crisis if you ask me.
  • We are raged an furious with these acts us federalist shall rise and strengthen.
  • I can assure you this is not necessary. This will have little effect on Britain and France, so why bother and persue the idea.
  • When Britain violated Americas neutrality, men were furious. Many declared war but many decided to embargo, or banning trade against Britain.
  • This embargo act is growing old. We should do something that bands trade only with Britain, France, and our colonies.
  • Then we can resume trade with first side to stop violating American neutrality.
  • Merchants/ traders rage about the Embargo Act. Also, how it's effecting them.
  • Why don't we reunite northwestern, and south, ea stern?
  • I warned you.
  • When the Embargo Act was passed traders raged and acted. This damaged Thomas Jefferson.
  • This Non-Intercourse Act in 1809 was no more popular than Embargo Act.
  • After these acts there was conflict in the West. This included British agents armed Native American neutriality. British and Native Americans clashed with with American settlers. 
  • U.S forces win battle of Tippecanoe after Tecumseh resisted U.S forces.
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