A Tiger Tale
Updated: 3/12/2020
A Tiger Tale

Storyboard Text

  • zzzzzzzzzzzz rawr
  • we transport tigers
  • tiger transport
  • AHHHH!
  • oh no!
  • rawr!
  • he will revover
  • I hope the tigers okay
  • One dark night in Ontario a man was transporting a tiger from Nashville to a music concert because the tiger was a star.
  • don't breath
  • Here tiger
  • ........sunset
  • ......run
  • When He got to the parking lot He opened the back and the tiger jumped out and attacked the music guard.
  • He really cant see me can He.
  • The next day the guard was at the doctor the man was worried about the tiger.
  • !
  • now someone sees me
  • D..D D.Death?
  • That night the man when`t out after the tiger and found him he was actually missing the sunset because in Nashville every day he watched the sunset.
  • so the man took the tiger to see the sunset and after that they when`t back to the concert to play.
  • The End