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Comic Strip
Updated: 11/3/2020
Comic Strip
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  • stop, my Modestus. That Bulbus, having been beaten by you, is not able to annoy me again. You are a lion, and that’s a silly mouse. I want you to be merciful and spare Bulbus. Are you pleased?
  • I am pleased. The winner is right to spare the conquered. I’m looking for you, not that.
  • Oh Modestus, Why did you choose me out of all the girls? How happy I am!
  • It is necessary for us to meet in secret by night in the place
  • I do not dare it. My father does not want me to go out alone. Where is this place?
  • Vilbia: Desine, mi Modeste. iste Bulbus, a te verberatus, iterum me vexare non potest. tu es leo, iste ridiculus mus. volo te clementem esse et Bulbo parcere. placentne tibi?
  • Near the fountain of the Goddess Sulis. Surely I am not able to persuade you?
  • It is difficult for me to ignore my father's orders, but I am not able to resist you.
  • Modestus: mihi placet. victoribus decorum est victis parcere. te, non istum quaero.Vilbia: o modeste, why me ex omnibus puellis elegisti? quam laete sum!
  • Give me a kiss
  • Alas! O my heartthrob! It is necessary for me to return to the kitchen, I will wait for you tonight.
  • Modestus: necessary est nobis in loco secreto nocti convenire.Vilbia: id facere non audeo. pater me solam exire non vult. ubi est hic locus?
  • Modestus: prope fontem, deae Sulis. nonne tibi persuadere possum?Vilbia: mihi difficile est iussa patris neglegere, sed tibi resistere non possum.
  • Modestus: da mihi osculumVilbia: eheu! o suspirium meum! mihi necesse est ad culinam redire, tibi noctem exspectare.
  • They go out. Bulbus, who heard big parts of this conversation, got up. Having gone out as quickly as possible, he headed for Gutta, to whom he proposed a clever plan.
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