WWI causes storyboard comic project
Updated: 4/1/2021
WWI causes storyboard comic project

Storyboard Text

  • During this time people were just waiting for a country to explode
  • They’re probably planning something
  • They’re trying cause a war
  • We need to be ready for anything
  • All: yes sir
  • Militarism, militarism was a part leading to the war because it made other country’s nervous and paranoid
  • Alliances, alliances was a part that let to the war because the country’s getting rejected were probably angry
  • Let’s have an aliance
  • Im already allies with Germany
  • Imperialism led to the war because the empires were getting bigger intimidating others making them paranoid and cautious
  • Our empire is getting bigger by the day
  • They’re getting bigger, this is dangerous they could take us down!
  • You guys are nothing compared to us
  • Our country is better, we will demolished you
  • Nationalism led to war because each country that they were better than the other and wanted to prove that they were making them angry
  • The spark was the death of franz making the country angry and wanting revenge
  • His country will pay, we will avenge him
  • He killed Franz!