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Updated: 2/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • We must take back the land from the Moors!
  • Spanish Reconquista 
  • The Pope has approved, we will have many armies to help us.
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • How do we know that people are actually Roman-Catholic?
  • Spanish Exploration
  • Lets give him a chance...
  • With my expedition, we can find a route to India by going westward, I will only require three ships and a crew.
  • This man is a fool!
  • The Spanish Reconquista was conquest where the northern Christian kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula aimed to conquer lands that were controlled by the Moors. Many of the Christian armies were involved in the Reconquista because they believed they were doing it for their religion.
  • #2 Spanish Reconquista
  • I Muhammad the XII, give you the keys to Granada.
  • The Spanish Inquisition was first brought up of an idea to moniter if people were really Roman-Catholic. The Spanish Inquisition was a group of people who would torture and interrogate people who have converted, or anyone deemed "suspicious". People could've reported people to the Inquisition and the suspect would've been tortured.
  • #2 Spanish Inquisition
  • ...Yes....
  • Are you a heretic?!
  • Christopher Columbus brought forth a proposition to sail west to find another passage to India, upon many kingdoms, and was declined in all of the kingdoms including the kingdom of Castille & Aragon, however, he asked their kingdom once again and was given three ships.
  • #2 Spanish Exploration
  • To conclude the Spanish Reconquista, in the 15th century the leader of Granada, Muhammad XII of Granada, forfeited to King Ferdinand of Aragon & Queen Isabella of Castille. This took place on January 2nd, 1492.
  • The picture above depicts how suspects were tortured if suspicious or a convert. Many other tactics were used however the one above is called the "human wheel".
  • After sailing west for 36 days, Christopher Columbus discovered what he thought to be India. This was later found to be the present-day Bahamas.
  • I found India!
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