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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • One night I was in a national, local park when I saw a purple fish eating a big juicy red apple with a blue turtle. I glanced around to see if any one else was seeing this supernatural coloring of sea creatures sharing an apple.When suddenly an arrow was shot, it came by the trees it nearly hit me, I duked behind a bush just in time, hoping what had shot the arrow would come out.I saw a tall green figure had come out behind the trees and bushes.I was so horrified! It was an alien! It was going towards the arrow with an intention of retrieving it. I backed up further to the bushes so it wouldn't see me. It didn't work the alien spotted me it had it's bow ready to fire until it saw my fisherman license than it SPOKE! It asked me to help kill it's natural predators the purple fish and blue turtle I agreed telling it I would help if it didn't kill me. It agreed to my terms I grabbed both of the creatures and throw them in the cage on the alien's ship it locked them in there and said he would get revenge for his dog / alien's best friend.
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