a strange day
Updated: 7/23/2020
a strange day
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  • Ah! There is so much work today, better get started with it....
  • I literally heard a bang sound out there....
  • Who left this here? I have never seen this over here . Hmm I think I should investigate this thing. Lets open it up.
  • I was going upstairs to clean my room, suddenly I heard a Bang noise out in my backyard. I rushed towards the front door in terror.
  • Hopefully there are no spiders or snakes down there...
  • Meow
  • I was so scared as no one was at the house except for me. It seemed like the doors were talking to me and I could hear the owls hoot even in the day....
  • I am hungry
  • whoa it`s a vending machine oh a Time machine. Oh a manule ..
  • Time Machine
  • I went out there and saw a weird looking chest, I was very confuse though I should be investigating the house that if anyone sneaked into it. I checked the house but did not found any suspicious thing.
  • I want chocolate
  • I am so thrilled!!
  • The view is so pretty
  • As I moved the treasure box at a side I found a secret passage. That passage looked creepy but I was very curious to know whats down there. I ran back to my house to grab a torch. Than I took a deep breath and went down that passage..
  • The stairs took me to a rather peculiar looking cave, where I saw a machine which very much looked like a vending machine but the sign said that it was a Time Machine therefore I assumed it to be one.
  • So I operated the machine and and added the time and place where I wanted to go . I really wanted to see the titanic ship before it got hit by a tornado. As I enjoyed there realized that I am getting late therfore I went back.
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