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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Ordinary World: Hey I'm Stephanie! I love living in Winston-Salem NC. It's were I've lived all my life, there's no place I'd rather be.
  • Call to adventure: When I was at dance practice one day, I received a call from my mom saying that my family had to relocate to Washington DC.
  • Refusal of the call: I told my mom and family I wouldn't go, that I could live with my best friend.... that didn't work out so well because I still ended up packing my bags.
  • Mentor: While on the plane I sat beside a lady who told me that everything will be okay. God works in mysterious ways, so accept the blessing.
  • Crossing the threshold: I was finally in DC and it was a lot different. It was a very fast past city. People didn't care about your feelings, all they cared about was getting to where they needed to go.
  • Road back/ resurrection/ Return with the elixir: While on the way back home, I thought of all that's happened. God placed me in DC for a reason. I defeated a bully and right when I was done, I got a phone call to come back home. It's no coincidencethat I was were I was. Unfortunately I was told that the lady who sat beside me on the plane on the way to DC had died of Stage 3 Colon Cancer. She was the person who talked sense into me. Now I serve my life to God because she was an angel in disguise. When I do have kids I'll make sure to tell them to stand up for what they believe and stand on God's promises.
  • Test, allies, enemies: At school, The people were a lot meaner and weren't as friendly. I was bullied because they said southern hospitality wasn't a thing here, and I would have to get used to people being this way.
  • Approach to the Innermost cave:This was my Senior year and I had no friends. Everyone was extremely mean, especially to one girl who was new also. I hated my life here and just wanted to go home.
  • Ordeal: I decided to face the biggest bully at my school. His name was Franklin Mooris. The only reason why he bullied people so much was because of his own insecurities. So I decided to show him what it felt like to be bullied.
  • I didn't know that was how people felt. I'm sorry!
  • Reward: I called out his biggest insecurity, which was being short. He felt some type of way when it was him on the other side of being bullied. He saw the way it made him feel and said he would stop bullying people.
  • Reward: The next day while I was in Biology class, I got a phone call in the office. It said that my dad was deployed back to North Carolina!
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