Unknown Story

Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • It's okay.
  • Okay guys, we got this. Lets do his for the PEOPLE
  • I see Ramos. He is Going down
  • GUYS. Im going to have to take this guy out.
  • Due to the lack of medical attention the government of Sergio Ramos payed on the people, Ines and Jordi died of COVID-19. This fueled the teams anger and disere for change. They decided that they would have no mercy on Sergio Ramos
  • 1 WEEK LATER: It was time for the take over. Leo, Pique and Frankie were ready for anything that came to them but they had to be catious not to get infected with th COVID-19.
  • The group started sneaking up by the backside of the palace where Ramos was living. As they were sneaking in, they encountered two problems. They saw. Sergio going up the stairs with a guard
  • As Leo said, he had to take the guard out. And So he did. FOR AMERICA
  • The guard was a very tough competitor. At one point he knocked Leo down but Frankie came in with the assist and suddenly...
  • BANG, Frankie knocked him out. Now they had a clear chance to go ahead and start to take over