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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • The vast land expanses of china include plateaus, plains, basins, foothills, and mountains. they occupy nearly two-thirds of the land, higher in the West and lower in the East like a three-step ladder There's the world's longest wall, the Great Wall of China
  • china
  • the Chinese mostly wear an assortment of robes and eat alot of sushi they have more celebrations that are different than most places like Chinese new year, Qingming festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc...
  • Religions in China. China is a multi-religious country. Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism have all developed into culture-shaping communities throughout Chinese history
  • Together with European and Arabian architecture, ancient Chinese architecture is an important component of the world architectural system Ancient Chinese buildings have a long history which can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (16th century BC - 771 BC). It has its principles of structure and layout.
  • Zhang Heng (78–139 CE) was a Chinese astronomer and inventor. He was the chief astronomer in the court of the Chinese Emperor and mapped the stars and planets. He correctly recognized that the moon was not a light source, but reflected the light of the Sun, a controversial suggestion at the time.
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