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Farmer and Hunter
Updated: 9/27/2019
Farmer and Hunter
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  • Well not for me. I learned how to harvest crops and domesticate animals! 
  • Ugh! Hunting is hard! The animals here are scarce and I almost died!!
  • Look at that! Yummy humans...
  • Wow! That old fool has no idea that I actually stole his crops.
  • Oh no! My crops have been stolen by a band of Nomads! My family is doomed...
  • At least you can plant more crops, I always am on a unstable food supply.
  • Joe... Now that you have switched to farming, how do you feel about it?
  • Oh Bob, its simply amazing! I have a good stable food supply and the food here is almost never scarce.
  • In the Paleolithic Age, hunter-gatherers got food by hunting animals and gathering plants. If they stayed in one place, the resources there would grow scarce. During hunts, some hunter-gatherers got killed or injured. As time passed, people found out how to grow and harvest plants. Domesticating animals also brought new luxuries, such as milk and the ability to make animals pull plows. 
  • Hello old friend! I missed you, and I see that farming is doing you and your family a great deal.
  • Who is that person?
  • Farming also was dangerous in some ways, band of nomads could attack and steal food and failure of crops could occur. Hunter -gatherers never had a stable food supply since hunting was dangerous and food was always scarce. 
  • Ugh! so much work... Why can't he pull the carriage himself if he wants it faster!
  • Faster horse, faster!
  • As people changed to farming the food supply was a surplus amount. This is how the Neolithic Age began, by agriculture. Many people now had a good stable food supply and had found new luxuries by domesticating animals.
  • After Joe (the hunter-gatherer) switched to becoming a farmer, he moved far away to start his own family. Soon Joe met his old buddy, Bob and the friends had a happy reunion.
  • Hi Bob! I missed you as well, and thanks for showing me another way to live.
  • Life went on developing on and on in new, amazing ways.. Joe and Bob went on with their lives and in time, ended their lives.
  • Now our world is peaceful and it has given us countless luxuries! We live with no differences , no wars , and no slavery. The Paleolithic Era was a great and helpful stepping stone for mankind. 
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