The Jasons ep29

Updated: 9/1/2020
The Jasons ep29

Storyboard Text

  • Excuse me?!
  • Hey, Beauty!
  • Sally? Sally who?
  • Bye, stop talking to me.
  • Stop your act. Sally is my friend.
  • Sally me! Proposed to me yesterday, and forgot who am I?
  • Stop bringing that stuff out!
  • I knew who you are. We have met years ago. When Wendy the copycat slapped Sally. I was in the party too!
  • Fine..
  • Oh Tom? He is in the bathroom. I will introduce you to him later. He's Tommy Hilton.
  • Sally, where is your bf?
  • Ok sure. Oh I have to wash my hand. Talk to you later.
  • Oh gosh! Someone is making out here.
  • Tom? TommyHilton!
  • I love you, Tommy Hilton
  • Ahw!
  • I love you too!
  • Tom!