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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Brown vs. Board of Education
  • Montgomery bus.
  • Sit in movements.
  • The Brown vs. Board of education inspired american civil rights movements. Happened on 1952.
  • Selma march.
  • Selma to Alabama
  • A white person wanted to sit in a seat on the montgomery bus, but there was a black person sitting in the seat, so the white person asked the black person to move and she didn't move. Happened on 1955
  • March on Washington.
  • A group of black people came in and sat into a seat and when the white people came they were mad that the people didn't move, so they harmed them. The date is 10960
  • million man march.
  • 3 protesters lead a march on the 54 mile highway that led from Selma to Alabama. The cops beat up black protesters and a lot of blood was left that why that day was known as "bloody sunday'.
  • A bunch of people marched in Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech.
  • This was a march that happened on October 16, 1995, a million people marched and protested.