Unknown Story
Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • beowulf
  • herot
  • king hrothgar
  • grendels mother
  • grendel
  • grendel killed 30 men and carried them home to eat and after that king hrothgar closed the mead hall
  • i will cross the road, to help hrothgar and will bring back 16 soilders
  • beowulf and his soldiers crossed the road after 2 days on the ship
  • beowulf and grendel engage in some combat.beowulf and grendel wrestle.the great attack grendel with swords. the swords dont hurt him and beowulf keeps pulling and wrestling until grendel's arm gets torn away.
  • beowulf swims for almost two days until he reaches the cave. grendel's mother waits for beowulf there. beowulf swings hrunting at her but it does not hurt hrt. beowulf finds a swords from the olden days of the giant
  • beowulf fights the dragon that has been terrorizing geatland. he stands at the barrow entrance. he shouts to alert the dragon. the dragon came and it was blowing its fire and burning beowulf. beowulf for the first time knew that fate wast going to let him win this beowulf and wiglaf defeated the dragon together