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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • " Exposition''
  • guys i feel like someone watching us!!
  • ''Inciting Incident''
  • yeah me tooo!
  • same!! im scared
  • do you guys want so candy!!
  • "Rising Action #1''
  • No to the no sir!!!!!
  • come on girls come to the car!
  • One Day after school a group of 4 girls who were best friends named Alexa ,Kisha, Siri, and Tiffiny. They were all hanging out at the park.
  • ''Rising Action #2''
  • NOOOOO!!! Dont please!!!!
  • They were all having an amazing time...but all of sudden they all had weird and suspisious feeling someone was watching them.
  • "Climax''
  • SO you guys were put to a test to g=see if you guys would go with the 2 guys
  • OMG!!!!
  • But then all of a sudden they saw 2 creepy guys started walking towards them they tried to offer them Some Candy but they said "no to the no sir".And So the 2 guys were not pleased with there answer.So the 2 guy offered them Money,and iphone but the girls said no so the 2 guys had just put them into the car.
  • "Falling Action & Resolution"
  • But you guys passed!!!!!
  • YAYAYAYA!!!!!!
  • So The 2 Guys proceeded to stare,Until the girls started to walk backwards and the 2 guys started to get closer and closer...then the 1 guys just grab Tiffiny and Siri and the other guy took Kisha and Alexa and took them to they car.
  • So it came to realize that,Once they were put into the van there parents were there waiting for them! So there parent had told them they were put to a test to see if they would go with the 2 guys as they offered them many things.
  • So once they were in the car there parents had told them they were put up to a social experiment to see if they would go with the 2 guy to there car.So there parents told them that they had passed the test.So everyone stared to laugh.THE END.
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