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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/4/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Cafe J'e Suis
  • Stock Market Crashed
  • Oh no, I should probably sell my stocks to.
  • After what I read in the news paper I think i'd better sell my stocks.
  • Me to.
  • My Moneyyyy!!!
  • Banks Closing 
  • I don't know, but I think we are safe from whatever it is because none of our money is in the bank.
  • Oh, whatever am I to do?
  • Closed
  • Give me my money.
  • Hey
  • Hey, My Money!!!
  • Bank of USA
  • Arggg
  • Give us our money. Now!!!
  • Closed
  • I wonder why everyone is so sad?
  • Nooooo!!!!
  • We want our Money!!!
  • Hey my money was in there 
  • Closed
  • Now we have no place left too rob!!!
  • A-lll mm-yyy Mmoney is goone.
  • Discrimination against woman workers.
  • E
  • O
  • P
  • N
  • (Sigh)... Just give me your orders.
  • All Animals Welcome
  • Cafe J'e Suis
  • Hey, look our server is a woman.
  • HEY you, Ginger, you should Quit and give your job to an american white man!!!
  • Disgraceful!
  • People all over america bought stocks in any business that they could, even dumb business that obviously weren't going to make it. As a result of that when people tried to sell their stocks, no one bought them, then lots of businesses closed and everyone who had put their money into the businesses lost their money and the stock market crashed.
  • When the stock market crashed lots of banks lost money. Banks had been loaning money to people that could not pay them back so when people went to get their money out of the bank it was not there, so lots of banks had to close and people lost all of their money that was in the bank.
  • During the great depression almost everyone lost their jobs. People did not think that woman should work they thought that they should give their jobs to unemployed white men. Many woman were forced to quit their jobs.
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