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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Scythe
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  • Dynamic Character
  • Citra and Rowan just wanted to live normal lives. But then they were both chosen to become a Scythes aprentice( a scythe is someone who kills poeple to help with overpopulation by the same scythe when typically a Scythe only has one aprentic enot 2. Neither of them wanted to be a Scythe but it slowly grew on them. Only one of them would become a Scythe and the other would go home. Then it was decided that who ever won would have to kill the other and they were both very upset about this. So when they would get tested to see who was the better Scythe they kept evening out the score on purpouse so no one would win. But then Rowan tricked Citra that he didn't care about her anymore so Citra started to actually try and she won. When everyone was waiting for her to kill Rowan she gave him immunity( a Scythe can give someone immunity from being killed for one year if you kiss their ring) on "acident" and let him escape. She changed the Scythedom forever and she would continue to do whats right.
  • Setting
  • I think the book "Scythe" is like the book "The Giver" because they are both distopian novels based off of a futuristic society. The characters in both book start off thinking that their society is a utopia but soon realize its really a distopia.
  • Conflict and resuloution
  • Run Rowan I gave you immunity
  • At the beggining of the book Citra didn't want anything to do with the Scythdom. She just wanted to live a normal life. When she was chosen to be a Scythes aprentice she hated the idea of her becoming a scythe. As she trained she learned that not all Scythes are bad and started to try to become a good Scythe. When she was elected to be a Scythe she was glad becuase now she could change the world by being a good honorable scythe.
  • Theme
  • The fact that the story took place at the scythe conclave had a big affect on the story because whatever happend they had a huge audiance so if someone did something wrong a whole crowd of Scythes would see you do it.
  • The conflict was that Citra and Rowan were chosen to be Scythes aprentices so they would be competing head to head to see who would get to become a Scythe and who would be sent home. A lot of Scythes were unhappy with Citra and Rowan for helping eachother when they should be competing so they said that who ever won would have to kill the other in attempt to make it a fair fight. Citra ended up winning but instead of killing Rowan she " acidentally" gave Rowan Immunity and Helped Rowan escape.
  • thanks good bye
  • The Novel Scythe by Neal Shusterman was about doing the right thing no matter what other say. I know this because in the novel Everyone wanted Citra to kill Rowan for all of the wrong reasons. Citra was smart and followed her heart and didn't listen to what the rest of them said and if she hadn't Rowan probably would've died way to young just for a couple of Scythes entertainment.
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