shop steward

Updated: 10/15/2021
shop steward

Storyboard Text

  • Ms Nicole is going to talk to Mr Marco the manager about the employees grievance
  • Mr Marco, the employees have a grievance regarding the decision you have made about their salary decrease.
  • The company have suffered many losses so we had to cut some cost which decrease the employee salary.
  • Ms Nicole the shop steward is talking Mr Marco the manager about the employees grievance
  • The employees need to raise their voices, opinion and views.
  • I shall attend the meeting and see how it goes but I don't know if i can change my decision.
  • Mr Nicole reports back to the employees regarding the meeting which he had with Mr Marco
  • how did the meeting go?
  • i have organised a meeting with you all including Mr Marco. you will have an opportunity to tell him how you feel about the decision.
  • After hearing the employees grievances and what is going on. Ms Nicole the shop steward went to Mr Marco the manager to find out what is going on and to hear the employees in the meeting she is organising.
  • The meeting beginnings
  • Mr Marco needs to hear out the employees he cannot make a harsh decision with something that is not their fault.
  • Mr Marco the manager defend his desicion
  • A meeting is arranged for everyone who need to voice up their opinion, views.
  • Lisa voices her voice out
  • We also have suffered many losses in this previous month. it has not been easy for us and we cannot continue to work like this.
  • Ms Nicole the shop steward is the chairperson of the meeting and she start the meeting.
  • I called a meeting so that Mr Khan can hear and understand your grievances.
  • Managers are sometimes inconsiderate regarding the decision they take, they don't care how it will affect the employees.
  • The Company has suffered many losses and we had to cut salaries of each and every employees in order to help the company. And there was no one who was fired which is something positive.
  • Ms Nicole the shop steward is giving the emlpoyees a chance to speak also.