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  • Do you mind coming to the market with me?
  • Once upon a time, there lived a Queen and a King in a land far, far away. The two lived in a great castle and were both very content with their lives. But most importantly, the Queen and King loved each other dearly.
  • Of course not! Anything for you my love!
  • As the years passed, the couple's relationship only grew stronger. The Queen had King had even given birth to three children together: Prince Victor, Princess Sarah, and Prince Travis!
  • 8 Years Ago...
  • 3 Years Ago...
  • 1 Year Ago...
  • Me too Daddy! Game night is so fun!
  • For the longest time, the family had been a picture perfect one. There were never any disagreements, not even amongst the children, and everyone got along nicely. All over the town of Mappleborough, people idolized this family.
  • Me four! Hahaha!
  • I love spending time with you guys!
  • Me three!
  • Unfortunately, this did not last forever. Everything had suddenly changed when the King had been invited to go to the bar with an old friend. Before this experience, he was not a social person in the slightest. The King much prefered to stay in the comforts of his castle. But this time, he decided to accept.
  • It has been a while since I left the castle.
  • Hmm, a trip to the bar?
  • You know, I think I'll go this time!
  • Welcome to the Mappleborough Bar!
  • Prior to leaving, the King had told his wife and children that he would only be gone for a single hour. When he arrived at the bar though, the King realized how much he was enjoying himself. So even as hour after hour passed, drink after drink, he did not return home.
  • Right? Ain't this place the greatest? We should do this more often!
  • I hope the Queen isn't upset with me! Maybe just a little bit longer...
  • We should!
  • I haven't had this much fun in my whole life!
  • I hope Daddy isn't hurt!
  • Back at the castle, the Queen and her children were worried sick! Not knowing what else to do, they all decided to sit and wait for the King to come back home. This continued for multiple hours but to no avail. Eventually, everyone dozed off.
  • He said he would only be gone an hour! Where is he?
  • I'm scared Mommy...
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