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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Billy be safe and don't go to far away.
  • Get em boy get em girl
  • Billy is setting the trails up so he can train the dogs how to find raccoons and tree them. His sister is holding them so Billy can set up the trails for hunting.
  • Billy going hunting for the first time.His Mom is trying to make him feel a little guilty about going hunting.His mom is trying not to be so worried about him hunting in the dark. She tells him to be safe and to not go so far away.
  • Little Ann and Old Dan treeing their first ever raccoon.Billy is yelling at them to go get the raccoon.Billy is going to chop the tree down and try not to give up.Before Billy and the dogs went hunting Billy made a promise that he would put in the effort to chop down the tree.
  • I cut the Big Tree down I cut it down!!
  • Old Dan and Little Ann have treed a raccoon and Billy made the dogs a promise that he would put in all the effort to get the raccoon that Little Ann and Old Dan got themselves.Billy is in a lot of pain because he has been trying to cut the Big Tree down for a long time. Billy taking a break from cutting the treeand he is in a lot of pain .
  • Billy cuts down the tree and the dogs are running after the raccoon and the dogs end up catching the raccoon and killing the raccoon.
  • Billy's mom is a little worried about Billy. Billy ends up telling everyone about what he did and how he did it.He is glad that he killed his first ring tail and his dogs end up being the best coon hunting dogs in all of Ozarks.
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