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Updated: 3/6/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hello friend, I'm Mike the monster and today me and my friends are going to teach you about forces.
  • There are 6 main forces. 3 of them are non-contact forces and the other 3 are contact forces. Don't be confused we're going to tell you all about it!
  • But first, I'll tell you about what a force is. A force is basically a push or pull.
  • The first type of contact force is friction. Friction is a resistance force that occurs when two things are rubbed together. I'm making friction when I rub my foot on the ground.
  • Hey guys, I'm Fred and I'm going to be telling you about the first type of contact force.
  • Hello, I'm Eddie and I'm here to tell you about the second and third types of contact forces, Buoyancy and Elasticity.
  • Elasticity is a force exerted when a materiel is stretched then rebounds. A slingshot is an example of this. Elasticity is the force that lets the band stretch.
  • Buoyancy is a force exerted upwards by water or gas. An example is a boat floating on water. The water exerts a force on the boat that makes it float.
  • Hi, I'm Garland and I'm talking to you about one of the non-contact forces, gravity.
  • Gravity is the mutual force of attraction exerted by particles. Gravity is what keeps you and me on the ground and not floating around.
  • Hello, I'm Edgar and I'm going to tell you about the last two types of non-contact forces, magnetism and electricity.
  • Magnetic force is the attraction or repulsion that one magnet has on another, or certain materials. If a magnet was near iron the two would attract but if you put a magnet against a table, they wouldn't attract.
  • Electrical force is the buildup of electrons that causes oppositely charged materials to attract and objects with the same charge to repel. It's like when you rub a balloon against your hair and your hair sticks, that's cause the two objects have opposite charges.
  • Well there you go! Those are the six main types of forces. We had a great time telling you all about them. We hoped you had fun and learned something new!
  • Bye everyone! Hope to see you again!
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