Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 1/8/2020
Romeo and Juliet
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  • Romeo
  • "Lady, I swear by the moon above us--That shines its light on the tops of the fruit trees" pg.58
  • Juliet
  • "Be true to me, Romeo Montague. Wait for a moment-i'll come back" pg. 60
  • Tybalt
  • "That's him, That villain Romeo!" pg.45
  • A teenage boy who has fallen in love with Juliet after being heartbroken by Rosaline.
  • Nurse
  • "I nursed her daughter, who you were just talking to." pg.49
  • A 14 year old girl who has fallen in love with Romeo.
  • Mercutio
  • "We'll drag you out of the mud of love, where you're stuck up to your ears." pg.38
  • A capulet who doesn't like Montagues at all and wanted to kill Romeo at the party.
  • Lord Capulet
  • "Calm down nephew. Leave hi alone. He is behaving like a civilized gentlemen" pg.45
  • Nursed Juliet when she was little and is a main caretaker. She also talks a lot.
  • Went with Romeo to the party, has a very strong opinion of dreams and called Romeo as Rosaline.
  • Was willing to allow Romeo to stay at the party and stopped Tybalt. Is the leader of the Capulets
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