Human Failures
Updated: 2/25/2021
Human Failures

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  • HA HA Look at her outfit!
  • Eww those clothes are awful
  • One day, there was a girl named Annie. And it was her second week going to a new school. Annie didn't like school because she didn't have any friends and was very lonely.
  • As she walked into class she noticed some girls were staring at her and then whispering to each other.
  • Eww she is still wearing that awful outfit!
  • 'This is familiar', she thought. This is what had happened at her old school. That was why she had come to a new school.
  • After hearing what the mean girls said about her, she ran out of the classroom and started crying.
  • She tried to ignore the mean girls at first but they just kept on bullying her.
  • So Annie went to tell the teacher about what the girls were doing to her and then Annie didn't need to worry anymore because the teacher figured it out. The End!