"We're Not Afraid to Die... if We Can All Be Together" - Comic Strip
Updated: 1/11/2021
"We're Not Afraid to Die... if We Can All Be Together" - Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Finally after 16 years of waiting, now we will finally duplicate Captain Cook's round the world voyage !
  • Narrator
  • 1. July 1976- Journey Begins!
  • Mary (Wife)
  • Kids, are you both excited?
  • Suzanne(Daughter)
  • Hello! I'm Wavewalker!
  • Yes, Mom and Dad!
  • Jonathan(Son)
  • Wow! Its soo big!!!
  • Hello! I am Larry Vigil & He's Herb Seigler!
  • 2. Reaching Cape Town
  • We will help you tackle the world's roughest sea (Southern Indian Ocean)
  • Hello! I look forward to working with both of you!
  • After sailing 105,000 kms south from England, the family reaches their 1st destination i.e. Cape Town!
  • 3. Signs Of Approaching Danger
  • A few weeks after leaving Cape Town, the weather began to deteriorate.But the family still joyously celebrated both Christmas and New Year amidst this.
  • 4. Jan 2 (Day 1 Of Disaster)
  • Oh No! The water has broken over the ship! We're Sinking!
  • Aaah! My Head!!!
  • 5. Jan 2 Disaster (Continuation)
  • HELP!!!
  • The wave caused the boat to almost capsize and threw the narrator off the boat.But another wave hurled the boat upright and helped the narrator to once again enter.
  • Ouch! I seem to have broken some ribs and can taste blood !
  • 6. Jan 2 Disaster (Continuation)
  • On entering the boat, the narrator tried to patch the holes on the deck. While, both Larry & Herb pumped out water like madmen.
  • Mary! Take the wheel!
  • Around 6 pm, a huge wave hit the Wavewalker, and smashed one of its ends thus, allowing water to enter.