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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/11/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Once there was a man named Theseus that escaped from the place of labyrinth, and its leader King Minos flew into a rage with the builder,and then King Minos made his builder,Daedalus,be locked up at the top of a tower which would face the lonely sea
  • But while Daedalus was locked up, he managed to escape the tower multiple times but King Minos always put strict watch of his ships.
  • So he called for his son to gather as much feathers as he could on the top of the tower that the birds dropped and once he was done he made two sets of wings.
  • Daedalus explained to his son if you fly to high then the sun will melt the wax on your wings therefor if you fly to low your wings will get clogged by the seas fog.
  • But then Icarus's wings have melted from the sun since he didn't listen to his father and above Icarus was his father as he watched in shock as his son fell into the sea.
  • He mourned his son in sadness as he honoured his son with a pair of wings.
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