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  • Chapter 7 - Shadows and Tall Trees
  • AHHHH!!!!
  • Chapter 8 - Gift For The Darkness
  • Go back to Ralph!
  • Hmm... I don't know, though.
  • Chapter 9 - A View To A Death
  • Ralph thinks about the boy's dishevelment and dirt, and spends time staring out at the vastness of the sea realizing how high the odds are against rescue. Simon prophesies that Ralph will make it home. Ralph finally tries out hunting, enjoying it. After Simon goes to tell Piggy and the littluns that they'll be back after dark. Ralph, Jack, and Roger find the "beast".
  • Chapter 10 - The Shell And The Glasses
  • Jack decides to split up from Ralph and the boys after a major argument. Although the boys didn't show it at the moment, most of them joined Jack later on in the day. They kill a pig and they put its head on a big stick in the ground and give its head to the "beast" as a gift. They name the "Lord Of The Flies". Simon hallucinates the head talking to him, telling him that he should go back to Ralph. Simon's not sure though.
  • Chapter 11 - Castle Rock
  • Jack hosts a party that allows everyone to join, including Ralph and Piggy. While they talk about who should be in charge again, Simon tries to get to the party to tell the boys that the "beast" was just a paratrooper. Unfortunately for Simon, all of the boys thought that Simon was the "beast" and that he was trying to sneak up on them, and so they go to scratch, bite, cut, scrape, and brutally MURDER Simon in cold-blood. The ocean's tide pulls his body into the ocean, never to be seen by anyone again.
  • Chapter 12 - Cry Of The Hunters 
  • Ralph reminds Piggy that they helped in the MURDER of Simonm Piggy objects to the use of the term "murder" and doesn't want Samneric to know that he and Ralph were at least somewhat involved in the "deathly dance." Samneric also don't want to admit to the fact that they also helped in the murder of Simon. While Jack is more cruel to his own tribe members, Ralph and the remaining members of his group decide to let the fire die for the night rather than collecting more wood in the dark. While they try to sleep, Jack and a few other members of his tribe attack Ralph's group in their sleep, sucessfully stealing Piggy's glasses to make fires.
  • Ralph, Piggy and Samneric all visit Castle Rock in order to get Piggy's glasses back, since Piggy can barely see and the fact that they are important to survival. Ralph and Piggy try talking to Jack and his tribe, but things get heated once more and Jack and Ralph get into a fight, while Roger throws rocks at Ralph from above. A REAL fight this time! Both Ralph and Jack get bruised up and injured, but Piggy breaks up the fight. While Piggy breaks up the fight, Roger pushes a big boulder onto Piggy, hitting him in the face and body, pushing Piggy off of the edge, making Piggy fall 40 feet and killing him from the impact and broken back that Piggy had acquired after hitting the ground. Jack then proceeds to tell Ralph that he deserved it, and Ralph runs away, hiding in the forest! Jack FORCES Samneric to join him and his tribe. Ralph is left in the forest, processing what just happened, feeling upset and filled with different emotions.
  • Ralph is able to escape to the platform. On his way there, he finds the "Lord Of The Flies", and then proceeds to knock it over, taking the stake as a weapon. Meanwhile at Castle Rock, Samneric are forced to be on watch. Ralph hopes to win back their loyalty. They tell him about the manhunt planned for the next day and give him some meat. Someone from the tribe hears them talking to Ralph and punishes them. Ralph finds a thicket and sleeps in it. THe next morning, his thicket is betrayed by Samneric. The tribe can't get into it, so they roll boulders into it and set it on fire. Ralph escapes, finding another thicket, but then being found again. The fire has spread across the whole island, causing destruction. As Ralph escapes again, he runs towards the beach, falling to the feet of a newly arrived British naval officer, whos ship was attracted by the fire. He confirms that his ship will take them off of the island, making Ralph breaking into sobs, weeping for all he has lost. THE END!
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