shop stewards

Updated: 10/7/2021
shop stewards

Storyboard Text

  • The meeting with the union leadership
  • Ohm alright sir ... you need to setup a meeting so we can have meeting about this but for now lets have a discussion
  • We found that there are employees in the sales department that have been reported for unfair treatment , to be specific they cry about wage gap
  • The meeting continues with leaders
  • The employees have the to a free workplace of discrimination and right to be compensated for work performed
  • The employees mentioned that they have to trying to report thus matter but no success so they decided that enough is is enough because they are suffering they have families to feed and bills to pay also
  • Every employee in this organization have aright to fair treatment as the LRA states that
  • The end of the meeting
  • As you mentioned mam I will organize a meeting with organization management
  • yes you should do that , thank you Mr. Ndlovu
  • The Shop steward withholds meeting with trade union leadership to provide with complaints that employees from sales department women per say have issue regarding wage gap
  • The shop steward
  • This meeting should be held because everyone has rights.
  • The shop steward provides the union leaders information regarding the issues with the company and collective bargaining unit
  • The shop steward is at his office
  • maybe I should alert the employees about the small meeting had with union leaders so they can see the progress
  • as they summaries the meeting the trade union and shop stewards agreed on shop steward will make the management aware of this matter before they consult law if it goes out of hand
  • The meeting with staff affected( sales department/women)
  • Thank you Sir, for the feedback we shall wait for the outcomes of the meeting .
  • digesting about the matter of his way to his office
  • The shop steward of thinking of making the employees aware about the meeting he had with the trade town because he want them to be in light
  • The shop steward is telling the staff about the meeting he had with the trade union before he goes to the management
  • I have provided the complaints ,so tomorrow there will be meeting regarding this issue.